Posted by Mark on Sep 1st 2020


Am I right? A lot of people have been waiting and asking about curry trowels and when we would get more in stock. Back in 2019 we learned that the owner Mr. Curry had passed away. We sent our regards and learned that his son would be taking over. We patiently waited while he got his business back up and running. Then one day we receive a delivery we were not expecting. A few pallets of Curry Trowels!! For a while we had a limit to 1 trowel per customer cause we wanted to make sure our whole community had the opportunity to receive a trowel. Many were not happy about this limit as they wanted to buy our entire stock. 

After about a year we received another few pallets and now have raised the limit to 3 Trowels per person or order. We also have pool trowels that have yet to be uploaded into our website. So if you would like to purchase some pool trowels feel free to contact us so we may help with your request.