EverSeal High Performance 5-GAL Wet Look Brick Paver & Decorative Concrete
Penetrating | Water Based Non-Toxic | Water Resistant 

Protective Sealer | Wet-look | High-gloss

EverSeal S-2000 penetrates into the surface and produces a tough, durable, clear film that will enhance the color of the substrate. EverSeal S-2000 binds joint sand and protects against water damage, staining and UV ray damage. EverSeal S-2000 protects brick paver and decorative concrete and will not yellow. EverSeal S-2000 also provides mildew protection and tremendous resistance against wear from both foot and vehicular traffic. EverSeal S-2000 maybe applied to damp surfaces which allows for same day cleaning and sealing.

For use on concrete surfaces including Brick Pavers, Driveways, Garage Floors, Walkways, Patios, Slate, Saltillo Tile. Also may be used as a non-yellowing, clear sealer to protect decorative vinyl flakes on concrete floors.

EverSeal S-2000 has a spread rate of 1500-2000 square foot of coverage.
COVERAGE (THEORETICAL): Coverage will depend on porosity and contour of the surface being coated. Coverage typically averages 300-500 square feet per gallon.